Improving the Home with a Backyard Spa

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If there is one way to spruce up a backyard entertaining area it is the inclusion of a spa. There is definitely some maintenance involved but apart from the initial set up cost, they are not as expensive to run as you might think. Overall, they are a great asset and the perfect way to unwind after a long day at work or a busy weekend on the tools.

Using Economy Mode to Reduce Maintenance Costs

One of the major expenses associated with a backyard spa is heating the water. Thankfully spas don’t have to remain at operating temperature when not in use and most spas these days will have an economy mode of some sort which allows the spa to remain in ‘sleep mode’ when it isn’t needed. In this mode, the water is a lot cooler, but the jets will still operate at certain intervals throughout the day to prevent the water from stagnating and allowing it to circulate through the spa filters.

Chemical Expenses and Other Costs

Other expenses to consider are the requirement of different spa chemicals which need to be added to the water regularly to ensure adequate levels of chlorine etc. are always present. However, it is possible to buy these in bulk and its not necessary to maintain optimum water quality if there is a period of time where the spa will not be in use. Bear in mind that water and filters will need changing at intervals regardless of the frequency of use.

A good spa cover is also a must for a number of reasons, with the obvious one being that it is your first line of defence against leaves and insects as well as preventing the local bird population from taking up residence. A good spa cover will also enable the water to reach and maintain the desired temperature far more rapidly and efficiently than it would without a cover.

Spa Safety Laws and Regulations

As with any household water feature, be it a bathtub, fishpond, spa or pool – safety is paramount. Always ensure your spa meets local council laws and regulations and that your household has an awareness of the risks associated with that of an outdoor spa. Children need supervision, even more so with the presence of a spa in the backyard.

New South Wales regulations state that if your spa pool does not have a securely fastened, child-resistant structure (such as a door, lid, grille or mesh) preventing access to the spa when not in use, you have to install a fence to block access to the area. In this case, glass pool fence panels can be an attractive option, as opposed to rows of black metal bars.

Benefits of a Backyard Spa

Despite the maintenance costs that the ownership of a spa brings, and the need for a sound approach to the necessary safety requirements, spas are a lot of fun. They are the perfect way to enjoy a chilly winter’s evening with some friends over. They are also a great way to take the stress off a long working day mid-week. A spa has the potential to leave you more relaxed, put your mind at ease, and generally enhance your feeling of wellbeing.

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