Health Benefits of Recreational Swimming

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Throughout history, swimming has had a place in society to a greater or lesser degree. There are many benefits associated with swimming, ranging from social and emotional to the more obvious physical benefits. Swimming is a relatively inexpensive activity that might simply involve heading down to the local pool or taking a trip to the nearest beach.

Swimming is a whole-body physical workout as nearly all of your muscles are used during swimming. It also exercises the body’s motor coordination. Over two thirds of the body’s system of muscles is engaged when we swim, including the upper and lower body. The trunk and head, and arms and legs are required to make a balanced effort.

Buoyancy of Water Results in Low-Impact Exercise

Swimming puts minimal stress on bones and joints. This is because water counteracts the force of gravity and provides a cushioning effect on the body. This means the swimmers can get their heart rate up without producing stress on the body. It also strengthens joints, improves posture and can be an excellent form of exercise for people with back problems.

Other Physical Health Benefits of Swimming

Swimming is a good form of resistance training without the need to use weights. As such it is not necessary to invest in a whole lot of equipment to get started. Swimming promotes breathing control and lung function and has shown to be beneficial also to people suffering from asthma. Regular swimming increases your lung capacity with time and also builds stamina, muscle strength and cardiovascular fitness.

Social and Emotional Benefits Associated with Swimming

Social and emotional well-being is also an important part of a person’s overall health. Swimming is a great activity that you can do with family or friends. So while you are engaging in a physical workout in a social setting, some of your social needs are also being met.

A Backyard Pool Investment

Investing in a backyard swimming pool can help to entice householders to spend more time in the water than they would otherwise do. While it is a significant investment, many people are more likely to engage in recreational swimming more frequently if they have a pool at their fingertips. With a backyard pool comes new possibilities of home entertainment and spending time with family and friends.

Safety Considerations for Recreational Swimming at Home

While having a backyard pool certainly has many benefits, it also comes with a significant responsibility to keep young children safe from drowning. Children should have adequate active supervision whilst in the pool area and pool owners are required to ensure that the pool is surrounded by a pool fence. Laws vary from state to state and information is readily available on government websites. Pool fence prices vary depending on the fence material, quality and size.

Swimming is a great leisure activity for people of all ages. Recreational swimming can provide you with a low-impact workout and it’s a great way to relax and feel good.

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