With more than ten years of experience, A1 Glass Pool Fencing offers expert advice and pool fence ideas, cheap and attractive solutions and overall great value for money. Our products include:

  • Glass pool fence and balustrading
  • Semi frameless pool fence and balustrading
  • Creative pool fence ideas
  • Inground and base mounted spigots
  • Side fixing into timber or masonry applications
  • Polaris soft closing hinges
  • Top fixed hand rails
  • Floating hand rails
  • Custom made gates and panels, for all applications
  • Pool fence posts
  • Pool fence post caps
  • Swimming pool fence installation
  • 10 year warranty, customer satisfaction guaranteed

All of our glass pool fence panels and components are of the best of quality, to ensure your swimming pool area is 100% safe for your family and any visitors to your home.

All installations and pool fence supplies comply with Swimming Pools Regulation 2008 and Australian Standards 1926.1-2007 Part 1. Swimming Pools Act, 1992. As a pool fence contractor, we take full responsibility for our service to each client, ensuring all materials being used meet Australian Glass Standards. AS1288 and AS2208.

Pool fence laws in New South Wales state that a pool fence must be at least 1.2m high and not leave a gap at the bottom bigger than 10cm. Pool fence requirements in NSW also include not having gaps of more than 10cm between vertical bars in the fence and spacing any horizontal climbing bars at least 90cm apart.

At A1 Glass Pool Fencing, all our installations fulfil NSW pool fence requirements.

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