A glass balustrade is a glass fence or safety barrier. Many people choose glass fence panels over other options for aesthetic reasons. For example, they may desire a barrier that is as least intrusive as possible.

Yes, all of our glass balustrades meet AS/NZ 2208 – Safety Glass Manufacturing standards. In fact, when correctly installed your frameless glass balustrade can provide a higher level of safety than traditional railings, as there are no gaps for young children to gain a foothold in.

Yes, customers often opt for a frameless glass gate to go with the rest of their glass fence design.

To ensure that your fence meets the Australian Standards, we will ensure that your new pool fence adheres to the following requirements:

  • Pool fence laws in NSW state the pool fence
  • Must be a minimum height of 1.2m. Any gaps throughout the fence must not exceed 100mm, whether it be between panels or underneath the fence.
  • Gates must self closing and self latching At all times opening away from the Pool. At the time of measuring your new pool fence onsite our experienced staff will cover all further points with you.

For further information visit standards.com.au, abcb.gov.au and your local council. Ensure you call your local council before installing your new glass pool fence to ensure it complies with any local by-laws, which vary from region to region.

When correctly installed your A1 Glass pool fence will meet the requirements of the following Australian Standards:

  • AS 1926 – Swimming Pool Barriers
  • AS/NZ 2208 – Safety Glass Manufacturing

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